Project’s Development_3

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Part C : Gear for blade

Gear is using to transfer the power / energy from motor to the blade. There are four gears use in Multi-spinner, which are a big size gear, a medium size gear, and two small size gears. The gear must be connected from the motor, continuously to the blade.

Problem: The gears is rotate slowly

Solution : We try to use other sizes of gear, which are fro bigger size of gear connect to the motor, and transfer the energy to small size gear. Other than that, we try to change the position of all gears until the rotation become faster.

Gear for blade


Project’s Development_2

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Part B : Motor for Blade

An Interactive Servo Motor is assembling to robot’s arm. This motor is using to rotate the blade for Multi-spinner.

There is no problem occur during the development of this part.

Motor for blade

Project’s Development_1

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Part A: Body

The body of the Multi-Spinner consists a brick, robot handle, touch sensor, and robot arm.

Problem : The problem occur is the arm is too close to the NXT brick. therefore, it is disturbing the process to plug in cable to download the program from computer.

Solution: Some Lego was added to make the arm longer and offer enough space to plug in the cable.

Body for multi-spinner

Project’s Development

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This robot consists six parts, which are:

1) Part A : Body

2) Part B : Motor for blade

3) Part C : Gears for blade

4) Part D : Bottom Part of the robot (wheels)

5) Part E : Small wheel

6) Part F : Blade

Finding Materials

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Materials that use to build this robot is a set of basic LEGO mindstorm NXT. There is a problem occur in finding this materials.

LEGO education: Mindstorms Education NXTLEGO Mindstorms Education NXT

Problem: Some component that we want to use in this project is not in the box (not enough some of them borrowed by other group)

Solution : We were not just waiting the component come down from the sky. We asked other groups and borrowed the materials from them to complete our robot.

Choosing final ideas

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The final idea is choosing in week 6, which is after we went to have research at some schools in Kuala Lumpur area. The robot that we choose is come from the words versatile.

*VERSATILE is a word that our Math lecturer, Miss Tan Kim Lan used when we present our Mathematics resources. it is means that she wanted us to create a resource that have more than a one function, can be manipulated, and can be used for the next time presentation.

Robot’s profile

Name: Multi-spinner

Advantage : Can perform three person’s task which are housewives,  students, and workers

Place to use : Home, school, and office

Specialty : hand-holding robot, light, and strong.

Brainstorming ideas

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There are several ideas that we going through before choosing final idea.


Tribot has three sensors, which are light sensor, touch senson, and ultrasonic. it is using to differentiate colours between blue and red ball and collect only red ball to put it into the container. We need to make the circuit for the robot, so that the ball will not go out from the boundary.

2) Power saw

Power saw is a hand-hold robot. It is build up with a touch sensor and a motor. The function of this robot is to cut paper into pieces by using the blade.

3) Multi spinner

Multi spinner is a modification of power saw. it is a combination of power saw and motocar. It is build up with two touch sensors and three motors. The function of multi-spinner is to cut the paper into pieces, to dust the table, and to cool the laptop.