New Creation

We have continued our project with some brilliant idea which some modifications of existed product.

Four of us decided not to take the recycle robot as our project since it is very common and simple in it functions. We actually want something difference and able t0 express our creativity in producing it.

Paper Saw

It is a handy paper saw which is suitable for office, home and school.

Paper Saw





~ by robostorm on March 7, 2009.

2 Responses to “New Creation”

  1. wahai bakal2 cikgu semua..
    blog ini untuk promote your product or for glamoures…
    blog for robot product. so plz insert robot pictures..
    klu nak glamour gak…buat satu link yang khas utk developers..
    korang letak la gambar korang bnyk2 ngan siap biodata skali….

  2. tp kira ok la…susunan yang menarik…simple je….xde animation?
    tp bg ak yang pemalas nak buat blog…kira ok la ni…d

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